Bombshell: Beer drinkers skew towards McCain, wine drinkers towards Democrats

There may, perhaps, be a gender divide here.

Just out of, um, idle curiosity, which candidate do the Whip-It users prefer?

Beer drinkers appear more likely to vote for Sen. John McCain in November, while those who enjoy wine say they’re more likely to vote Democratic in the fall. Among registered voters who prefer beer to wine, McCain has a 53 percent-46 percent edge over Sen. Hillary Clinton while McCain winds up in a virtual tie with Sen. Barack Obama among beer drinkers. In the head-to-head match-ups with McCain, Sens. Obama and Clinton each win a majority among registered voters who prefer wine to beer.

Overall, 28 percent of all Americans say they prefer beer to wine and 31 percent say they would rather have a glass of wine than a bottle of brew. (The rest claim that they never drink under any circumstances.)

The apparent political differences are really matters of gender and class – men are big beer drinkers while women prefer wine over beer, as do higher-income Americans and college graduates.

The war hero is tied with the guy who shrugs at “We Had It Coming on 9/11” among Joe Sixpack voters? Truly we are at endgame, my friends.