Heart-ache: Scotland's greatest hero a fraud?

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!” “I’m afraid it is, kid.”

Is it?

A baggage handler honoured for his role in stopping the failed bomb attack on Glasgow airport has been branded “a fake” who grossly exaggerated his role in thwarting the perpetrators…

Alex McIlveen, who tore a tendon in his foot whilst kicking one of the suspects, accused Mr Smeaton of being “a fake”.

He said: “John Smeaton is not telling the whole truth. When it came to tackling the bombers, he didn’t land a blow.

“The only reason John Smeaton got so much attention is because of what he said afterwards about Glasgow not tolerating terrorists.”

“He has turned the whole of the Glasgow bombing attempt into the John Smeaton show.”

Smeaton denies it. Exit question: Even if he turns out to be a fake … it doesn’t really matter, does it? Click the image to watch.