Are you ready for Vice President Jindal?

The Headlines item has 65 comments so people obviously want to talk about this. Sell me on it. Why now? He’s been governor for two months; before that he was in Congress for three years; before that he racked up eight years (of impressive accomplishments) in state government. In other words, his resume roughly tracks with Obama’s. How are we going to beat up on the Messiah for his inexperience when our own number two is ten years younger than he is and one 71-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency? If McCain flames out, then we get the “GOP, the next generation” narrative for 2012; as it is, we’re stuck with the “tried and tested” narrative for this election. Besides, barring any Spitzerian lapses, Jindal’s bound to end up on the ticket someday. Why rush him up before he’s had a chance to build a record as an executive?

Do read the Journal piece, though, as it’s a sterling intro to an exceedingly capable guy. I’m importing the comments from the headlines item into this post; take it from there.