The obligatory "Pro-Hillary diarists boycott dKos" post

Is it really a “strike” if you don’t get paid and have the same relationship to your “employer” as someone who writes a letter to the editor has with a newspaper? I’m thinking no, but to the fellow traveler a walkout sounds much more “people-powered” than a boycott does, and thus is the American Federation of Concerned Bloggers (AFCB) born. Barnett and I were snickering over e-mail yesterday about what the most comically ironic line in the thread is. His choice: “a true progressive wouldn’t adopt such a condescending attitude, and such a childish one to boot.” My choice, from the post itself: “DailyKos is not the site it once was thanks to the abusive nature of certain members of our community.”

For dessert, enjoy the latest installment in the continuing education of pro-Hillary lefty Taylor Marsh in what an egregious, bottom-feeding, partisan hack our pal Olby is. She was shocked, shocked last month to find that “Countdown” takes something of a, shall we say, Soviet approach to balance among the guests it invites on. Now Krazy’s gone and spoken ill of a fellow Democrat. Uh oh:

Fairness is not part of the “news” on Countdown.

Keith Olbermann is no Edward R. Murrow.

He’s become what he has railed against. Olbermann is now the Bill O’Reilly of MSNBC. A big giant head railing against the first viable female candidate in U.S. history. Sports fans, it’s the latest craze. Get yer popcorn, before “Countdown” starts. Beer will be a buck.

Exit question: Anyone expect to hear a peep from Marsh about bias once the dust settles and the nominee is chosen and Kayo goes neck-deep into the tank for the Democrats?