Video flashback: A very special message from New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer

The “no schadenfreude” rule is still in effect, but rules were made to be bent. Only a little, though: There are still innocents caught in the crossfire here.

Unable to accept that a Democrat might be guilty of malfeasance without some greater Republican malfeasance to explain it, the nutroots splits into two camps: (a) Spitzer didn’t really do anything wrong since the only true crime is hypocrisy (of which he’s also guilty, but never mind that); (b) the whole prosecution is a politically motivated witch hunt by Bush’s DOJ, a claim debunked here by Karl in wondering what the feds were supposed to do, precisely, once Spitz’s bank raised the alarm about shell companies and “structuring.” So much for that. Exit question one: As mentioned yesterday in one of my posts, there are hints in the Times story that this wasn’t his first rodeo. Asks Bob Owens, how many more times? And exit question two, which Ed addressed earlier today: Would the state GOP really try to impeach him? Given his approval rating, they’re on sturdier ground than Congress was when they tried this on Clinton vis-a-vis perjury, but our track record in this area is … not good. I’m betting they back down.