America on edge of its seat: Will Obama gain five delegates tonight? Or six?; Update: Obama wins Mississippi; Update: Exit poll added

There are 33 at stake so the margin will be an odd number, but dare I suggest that seven isn’t out of the question? Such is the penny-ante incremental nonsense with which we must content ourselves thanks to the Democrats’ dreary proportional system of delegate allocation. Fearless prediction: Obama 19, Hillary 14. Zzzzz.

The polls close at eight but Fox News, bless its heart, isn’t observing the embargo on exit poll results. Check this out. Hillary won in Ohio among voters who said race was important to them, 59-39, to much fanfare. You might not be hearing as much about this tomorrow:


This is interesting, too. The diminishing returns of the “Daisy” ad may, at last, have fully diminished — although Obama does tend to win this category in states with large blocs of black voters, as in Virginia and South Carolina:


He’s already gained four delegates on her this week (sort of) in California — yes, California — so tack on another 10 or so to his pledged delegate margin heading into Pennsylvania, where he’ll lose big and give back, what? Maybe 20 delegates? So look forward to an exciting night of blogging that night.

Stand by for results around 8 p.m., when the race will undoubtedly be called immediately for Obama. But first, one more because I can’t resist. When the final reckoning comes for Team Clinton, a certain someone’s legacy, especially vis-a-vis black voters, is in for a little reassessing.


Update: My favorite liberal e-mails to say that Fox News is webstreaming on multiple channels tonight, including live shots from Obama and Clinton HQs. She’ll be on the “strategy room” feed if you’re interested.

Update: Right on schedule, Fox calls it for Obama at 8 p.m. sharp. Hillary wins huge among white men, though, 69/30, and white women, 74/26. Independents break for Obama, 56/43, which means there’s not much GOP crossover effect this time.

Update: Here’s the full exit poll from MSNBC. Per the gender breakdown, Obama should win 58-40 or thereabouts.

Update: Mississippi, baby:


Update: Actually, maybe there was some GOP crossover. Just not enough.


Update: How tense is the race getting? Check this out.


But there’s an interesting twist on this on the “dream ticket” question. Obama’s supporters seem okay with him or Hillary as VP. Her supporters? Not so much:


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