Are you ready for the Thompson/Edwards debate?

Symbolically, it’s Fred’s cowboy hat (he only wears his own, you know) versus that winter coat Silky’s hypothetical little match girl can never seem to afford. Is it a debate, though? The description only refers to them “speaking” but Tony Snow will be there as “moderator,” which I assume means mano a mano. They’ve got plenty in common to talk about — personally, that is — but on federal spending and the economy, which is what this event will presumably focus on? Not so much, not so much.

It’s Fredhead Woodstock.

The Manufacturers’ Association of Northwest Pennsylvania is mixing a Democrat and a Republican again for its annual event.

Democrat John Edwards and Republican Fred Thompson, both of whom failed to gain traction in the 2008 presidential race, will be the featured speakers at the association’s 103rd annual event on June 18.

In June 2007, the association booked at Tullio Arena the husband-and-wife team of Democratic strategist James Carville and Republican adviser Mary Matalin…

Adding to the political flavor, former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow will moderate.

Anyone going? We simply must have video. Exit question: Whose southern folksiness will prove more authentic to the blue-collar audience? Don’t underestimate the effect of Silky peppering every other sentence with a reference to his father being a mill worker.