Video: McCain swallows political poison, tries to get a word in edgewise

He had to take his medicine at some point. Like Karl says, better to get it over with now and then not look back, notwithstanding the pro forma statements here about everyone looking forward to campaigning together.

The clip’s been edited to truncate some of the Q&A, most of which revolved around the question of how McCain feels to have this ball and chain around his ankle. Note Bush’s answer about “change,” which could uncharitably be interpreted as an admission that he was never serious about changing anything when he first ran. Which of course is precisely how the left will interpret it. Whatever you may think of him, he certainly did change things, didn’t he?

Exit question: When was the last time a sitting president helped the party’s nominee win an election? Reagan wasn’t much of a factor for Bush on the trail in 1988 as far as I remember.


Update: Get used to this.

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