Video: Huckabye

Vintage Huck: Eloquent, peppered with scripture, and replete with a backhanded slap at Romney vis-a-vis what he says about honorable campaigns being the last ones standing. If you can figure out why he’s using an Alamo analogy when he’s gone to such pains to emphasize that he and McCain aren’t enemies, let me know.

In fact, if you can’t spare five minutes, just skip the clip and read this Politico postmortem instead, which begins with an allusion to McCain dropping dead on the stump, ends with a typically paranoid Huck lament about the shadowy Republican establishment that belongs to country clubs and sends its kids to Yale via legacy admissions — and drops this tidbit in between:

While some Huckabee supporters were hoping that he might get a vice presidential nod this year, Huckabee says they should forget it. “We have been given every signal that is not going to be considered,” Huckabee said.

In fact, Huckabee has not been guaranteed even what losing candidates are often guaranteed: a speech at the party’s convention. “It would be amazing if I was disinvited there,” Huckabee said. “If this were the NCAA and the Final Four — two Democrats, two Republicans — I would be in it.”

Nothing left to do but run for Senate. See you on the trail, Huck.