Video: Brokaw says Obama has 50 more superdelegates in his back pocket

If it’s true, it’s good enough to wipe out her superdelegate lead in one fell swoop. So why keep it secret? Narrative, dear friends, narrative. If she flames out tonight and doesn’t quit immediately, he can drop this 50-lb. sandbag on her later in the week to make things look that much more hopeless. If she comes through, he’ll need something to break that wave of hack “comeback kid” stories to follow. A superdel stampede is just the ticket. I wonder who’ll lead it.

I tacked on an extra 40 or so seconds of Terry McAuliffe mindlessly repeating his brave-face talking points, just because it’s amusing to watch him squirm. If you’re bored, enjoy playing with CNN’s newest election widget — a handy, what-if delegate metric that lets you game out every possible scenario on the way to the nomination. Note that Hillary fails to clinch the nomination even in a hypothetical situation where she shuts Obama out completely in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and splits the remaining uncommitted superdelegates down the middle. For maximum realism, be sure not to move the slider for each state more than two or three degrees to either side.