Open thread: Armageddon; Update: Huckabee concedes; Update: McCain clinches; Update: Hillary wins Ohio; Update: Hillary wins Texas

Exit polls are just starting to trickle in. Nothing yet by way of hard data but — surprise — voters in both Texas and Ohio find Obama to be more electable, per Fox News. We’ve had the first reports of dirty tricks too, courtesy of pro-Hillary TalkLeft. And Huck is complaining about the lack of energy on behalf of McCain among the GOP base, even as Maverick prepares to put him to sleep tonight and turn his attention fully to the, ahem, purple states.

Ed and I are going to try to co-liveblog it via the Cover It Live widget below. (Thanks to Patrick Ishmael for the tip.) It’s our first time using it so bear with us. Things should heat up starting at 7 p.m. ET. While you wait, enjoy the results of this poll suggesting whom voters really trust at 3 a.m. Exit quotation one: “I didn’t get my hands dirty making all those good things happen in the ’90s.” Exit quotation two: America is a country that’s “just downright mean.”