Video: The puppy clip; Update: Theories?

So many tips about this today. I held out as long as I could.

I think it’s dead. Check that: I hope it’s dead.

Update: The other side.

Update: Getting lots of e-mails about the fact that puppy isn’t struggling and how the yelp when it’s thrown doesn’t seem to trail away. Here’s one from reader David V.:

The sounds are all wrong in that clip of the “puppy throwing.”

I’ve been involved with dogs since I was 12, breeding and training, and there is no way the sounds in that Youtube video were coming from a real puppy. If you actually hurled a puppy by the scruff of its neck, the first sound you would hear would be a loud scream as it was launched, because you would have very nearly torn its neck off. Notice, though, the puppy is completely silent as it is thrown. The ridiculous yelping noises don’t start until after the pup is airborne.

That’s your second problem, because just as a human needs to take repeated breaths to keep yelling, a dog must be breathing in order to yelp. (Imagine trying to scream while spinning head-over-heels in the air.) The puppy would have gone completely stiff as it flew, tensing up and spreading its legs to try to cushion the fall. Definitely no gasping for breath and yelping.

Final problem – there is no way that a crap camera like the one used to shoot that video would be able to pick up an airborne puppy’s faint yelping from dozens of yards away, yet the “yelping” barely decreases in volume during the puppy’s flight.

I don’t know what was thrown – probably a dead puppy – but I am absolutely certain that there is no way on earth the noises in the video were made by the puppy we see there.