Video: Billy Jeff campaigns for Obama

In which we find The Boy Who Cried “Fearmonger” devoured by his own weaselly nonsense from 2004. This is satisfying in precisely the same way watching him and Hillary get demagogued by phony charges of racism has been so satisfying these past few months. In the Democratic lexicon, “fearmongering” is defined as apprehension of a threat plus the suggestion that your opponent wouldn’t be as steadfast in meeting it as you would — neither part of which is or should be objectionable except insofar as leftists are usually the subject of it, which naturally renders it horribly unfair. BJ wagged his finger at Bush four years ago for daring to use it against Kerry and his “global test,” and now here are the Obamites a-wagging right on back. Reap the whirlwind, chump.

The second clip is included for context, to remind you what sorts of threats some on the left regarded historically as trumped-up and certainly not responsive to a muscular wingnut foreign policy.