Video: Hillary's "Daisy" ad

In which we’re asked to have a strong preference on crisis management between a guy with three years of federal experience and Bill Clinton’s First Lady. She wanted the spotlight back on her and this’ll certainly do the trick: ABC is already breathing heavy about Hillary having gone “nuclear,” their cue for Obama supporters to dutifully wet their pants and start screeching about desperation and “fearmongering.” Every ad that uses fear against a liberal, even one as mild as this, is out of bounds; ads that use fear against a conservative, even if they have to distort his words to do so, are of course perfectly fair game. Hopefully TPM will put a cherry on top by finding some murky racial subtext in the mise en scene that the rest of us missed and then all will be right with the world.

Go see what our tough, Thatcheresque would-be C-in-C had to say this morning about Iraq and Afghanistan. Exit question: Knock off the last few seconds of Hillary on the phone here and this is the best campaign ad for John McCain you’ve ever seen, no?