Interviewer to Mohammed cartoonist: Do you regret it?

Part three of three; numbers one and two are here but you’re better off with this profile at Spiegel, which more fully captures his anguish (“We’d probably be the safest in a prison cell”). It’s Kurt Westergaard, formerly an anonymous political cartoonist at Jyllands-Posten, lately the creator of one of the post-9/11 world’s canonical images and most recently the target of a jihadist murder plot that left him homeless. Was it worth it? The answer lies at the end of the clip. He’s trying to make it worthwhile in another way, too, although the prospect of some degenerate Saudi royal dropping a few million in blood money on him to buy the drawing and burn it is almost too much to bear. His wife seems to think that would be kosher; Westergaard, to his credit, is resisting. Any right-wing billionaires in the audience want to take this thing off his hands and give it to a museum, where it belongs?