Heart-ache: Texas Republicans crossing over to vote for ... Obama; Update: Statistical tie in Ohio?

Limbaugh stands athwart history yelling stop but neither snow nor rain nor dark of night shall keep these self-sabotaging doofuses from their appointed Hillary-hating rounds. Virginia Republicans made up seven percent of the vote and broke 72-23 Obama’s way. In Texas? They’re shaping up as nine percent of the vote — with the break 76-20. Pro-Messiah, anti-Hillary, or just so anti-McCain that they’re looking to hand him the worst general match-up possible?


“Obamacans,” as the campaign likes to call its Republican supporters, offer a variety of reasons for turning out for Obama, not the least of them a lack of interest in the Republican primary now that Sen. John McCain of Arizona has all but wrapped up his party’s nomination. Others say they genuinely think Obama is the best candidate for change.

But a significant proportion say they are temporarily backing Obama for strategic reasons. They plan to vote Republican in November, but for now, their goal is to try to make sure Clinton cannot win.

Although he said he sincerely supported Obama, Rau acknowledged that “Hillary kind of represents the antithesis of a lot of Republican values.”

The new Fox News poll shows him up by three in the state. The potential GOP effect, per the MSNBC article: Three and a half to five and a half points.

Her Majesty’s master contingency plan, by the way? Insisting that Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont are must-wins — for Obama. Exit recommendation: Hillary, meet Billy Jeff.

Update: He’s following through on those “must-wins” he needs.