David Duke: You know who's looking pretty good for president? Ralph Nader

Audio courtesy of Alan Colmes’s semi-secret blog, whose blogroll is precisely as fragrant as you’d expect it to be. Why would a white supremacist, ahem, “conservative” whose sympathies run towards anti-statists like Ron Paul (go figure) end up taking a second look at Nader? For precisely the same reason he’d have no preference between Obama and McCain. Today’s Klansman is, it seems, a single-issue voter:

There’s an even bigger culprit in this world than white liberals, however. Naturally, we speak here of the Jews. It turns out that what truly animates the white supremacist contingent these days is not racism but anti-Semitism. The black man is of trifling concern next to the “Zionist Occupation Government,” or ZOG, a term that describes puppet regimes of the global Zionist conspiracy. As one commenter on the popular white-power Web forum Stormfront explains it: “The blacks would be a non-factor if it weren’t for the ZOG’s legislations and skullduggery (civil rights act, hate crime laws, affirmative action, welfare, forced integration, etc etc …), allied with a compliant media that promotes black worship.” Thus, when the Jewish Telegraphic Agency published an anodyne article on Obama’s support among American Jews, white-power sites like National Alliance News (“your single source for worldwide pro-White news”) quickly pounced. “Barack Obama: The Jewish Connection” came the breathless headline. (Never mind that Obama has had a rockier relationship with the American Jewish community than has Clinton.) “[U]ltimately he’s just another Jew puppet,” concludes another Stormfront commenter. “I look at his foreign advisers,” adds David Duke. “[They’re] Israeli supremacists. He’s even got Dennis Ross!”

Does Ralph Nader, who recently criticized Obama for being insufficiently pro-Palestinian as a U.S. Senator, meet the all-important anti-ZOG rhetorical test? Yes he does.

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