Video: Hillary makes her debut on "The 700 Club"

Eight years as First Lady, seven years as senator, but not until now — with her lead gone in Texas and crumbling in Ohio — have the stars aligned for her to sit down with a CBN reporter for the show. Go figure. It’s thin gruel but worth watching for the part near the end where Lady Macbeth reveals how deep her spiritual devotion is. Oh, and also for this canned line, which you’re bound to hear tonight at the first opportunity: “It seems like the ‘politics of hope’ is hoping no one will notice.”

Exit question: Is it finally over? Time to dance at the graveside with Matt Labash?

I do support Obama on the issue. Not issues, mind you. I’m against almost everything he stands for, including hope and change (I’m for despair and preserving the status quo). But he’s for standing over the rotting carcass of Hillary’s political ambitions, and so am I! Some might call it venal small-mindedness. But Obama and I call it “post-partisanship.” For Hillary is the one we’ve been waiting for. To go away.

Click the image to watch.


Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET