Lieberman: Time for defeatists to stop trying to pull the plug on Iraq

The latest in Joementum’s continuing campaign to see how high he can spike the nutroots’ rage-o-meter. He’s overstating the significance of some of the political progress cited here, but then the left is understating the significance of the security gains so it all evens out. Is it too much to ask for a rethinking of the Democratic position on the war? Well, yeah, insofar as their base is comprised of people for whom victory would be tantamount to admitting the essential correctness of neoconservatism (it wouldn’t). But it’s not too much to ask them to run away from the issue, which they’re now happily doing save for a few bien pensants who won’t be denied a defeat when they’ve gotten this close.

Two parts here then, the first a restatement of progress on the ground and an indictment of “reality-based” anti-war denialism and the second a futile plea for the Democrats to return to the Kennedy/Truman/Jackson model that they’re never, ever going to return to. Lieberman ended up losing on this measure, incidentally. Except he didn’t really.