Video: Time for another distortion of McCain's "100 years in Iraq" comment

I’m glad this dropped on a day when the conservative blogosphere is busy sneering at Hillary for her cheap shot at Obama, just to highlight the contrast between the sides. As McCain has explained numerous times now, the “100 years” comment isn’t a call for another century of hot war; it’s a projection of a token presence in a stable country along the lines of our “occupation” of Okinawa, one that certainly wouldn’t require the trillions of dollars being disingenuously tossed around here. The left knows a good talking point when it sees it, though — and so does Maverick, who’s decided to run away from what he said as fast as his feet will carry him. Let me know when the left makes its stand about getting U.S. troops out of Germany and I’ll start caring about nonsense like this.

Update: Oh, and as for the vaguely derisive line about McCain’s commitment to the Iraqi people, that’s a fine way of framing the debate going forward. No more crap about threats of withdrawal constituting “tough love” to get Iraqis to compromise. If the left wants out, be plain about it: Say that we have no commitment to Iraq or that we’re perfectly happy to break it if we do, and to hell with whatever happens next. Straight talk, n’est-ce pas?