Mitt's son: Romney could jump back in

If the Brooks nightmare scenario materializes and someone proves that Maverick was shtupping Vicki Iseman in return for lobbyist favors, then yeah, he might drop out. He could survive in the sense of limping along to November, but with the myth of “straight talk” exploded in so spectacular a fashion he’d be fatally wounded. That would create a vacuum into which Huck, presumably, would move — unless someone blocked him. Enter the Romney:

Josh Romney, one of former Gov. Mitt Romney’s five sons, says it’s “possible” his father may rejoin the race for the White House, either as a vice presidential candidate or seek to become the Republican Party’s standard bearer if the campaign of Sen. John McCain falters…

He’s asked about speculation that given the McCain troubles his father might re-enter the Republican race either as a candidate for the top spot or as the party nominee’s vice presidential partner and Romney replies it’s “possible.” Then, he adds, “unlikely, but possible.”

It was the first sign from the Romney camp or family that the former Massachusetts governor’s political plans for 2008 were anything but over.

Such a move could provide a possible rallying point for conservatives, who awaited a perfect conservative candidate and held back from supporting Romney all during 2007 while the campaigns of other conservatives including Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback and Fred Thompson collapsed.

Exit question: Who else besides Mitt would jump in to try to fill the void? You don’t think…