Finally: Hillary attacks Obama's foreign policy credentials; Update: Hillary's own supporters oppose seating Florida, Michigan delegates

That’s super, but as Sandler so memorably put it in The Wedding Singer, this is something that could have been brought to our attention yesterday.

There’s been a lot of talk about withdrawal and redeployment and I think it needs to be put into an appropriate context. Withdrawing troops is not easy. One does not wake up in the morning and say let’s bring them home. It requires planning that looks at every possible contingency. That’s why last spring I began pushing the Bush administration to tell us what planning had gone on, whether they were ready to bring our young men and women home…

If I am entrusted with the presidency, America will have the courage, once again, to meet with our adversaries. But I will not be penciling in the leaders of Iran or North Korea or Venezuela or Cuba on the presidential calendar without preconditions, until we have assessed through lower level diplomacy, the motivations and intentions of these dictators…

One thing the American people can be sure of, I will not broadcast threats of unilateral military action against a country like Pakistan just to demonstrate that I am tough enough for the job. We have to change our tone and change our course.

Everyone got that? The big knock on Obama from his right is that he’s (a) not serious enough about surrendering in Iraq, (b) ever so marginally more willing to gladhand cretinous Holocaust deniers like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and (c) much tougher on Pakistan than Hillary would ever dream of being. I’m tempted to tell her to go home, but never mind. Texas is going to tell her for me.

Exit question quotation: Read the last line at the end of this piece to see what President Obama would regard as warmongering.

Update: Actually, don’t go home, Hillary. Just keep doing what you’re doing. “[C]ore opposition to McCain, the least of any candidate’s, is the same as in December; whereas strong opposition to Obama has jumped seven percentage points.”

Update: The people who backed the wrong horse start to hedge their bets.

[Hillary supporter and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed] Rendell said the Clinton camp could not make a convincing case that Michigan delegates should be added to her column: “You can’t make any argument in Michigan, because Hillary was the only person who was on the ballot. I’m as avid a Hillary supporter as there is, but I don’t think we can make an argument in Michigan.”…

[Hillary supporter and New Jersey Gov. Jon] Corzine said that a fair resolution would be for the two states to vote again. Because of their importance in presidential elections, neither state should be “disenfranchised,” said Corzine, who has endorsed Clinton.