Experience you can Xerox: The Hillary "plagiarism" video

Gratifying yet gratuitous, like kicking the coffin of a hated enemy. The hoped-for scorched-earth attacks on His Holiness didn’t happen last night, which means our gal’s either (a) given up the ghost and too dispirited to fight, (b) already thinking ahead to the goodwill she’ll need for 2012 or 2016, or (c) possessed of a graciousness we never knew she had in her. Terry McAuliffe sent out a blast e-mail this morning bizarrely touting her “farewell” video, so whatever you think of (b) and (c), I’m guessing (a) is very much in the mix.

Incidentally, she also lied this morning on the Today show about never making predictions. But that’s okay: The Messiah’s lied about his predictions, too.

You can quit watching after the Silky clip; the rest of it’s just Obama boilerplate.