Iranian dissidents: Tehran's building a bomb

How lucky do you feel?

Iran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons programme, an exiled Iranian opposition group said Wednesday, giving details of what it claims is an operational nuclear-warhead development site…

[NCRI leader Mohammad Mohadessin] presented reporters in Brussels with information he said had been collected on two sites in Iran on top secret studies on nuclear warheads.

The site at Khojir, in a Tehran suburb, is an Iranian defence ministry missile-research site which is developing a nuclear warhead for medium-range missiles, he said.

The other facility, in another Tehran suburb, was described as the “command and control centre” for production of a nuclear bomb.

Mohadessin said the revelations had been handed over to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna on Tuesday.

North Korean experts are cooperating with the Iranian regime in the project, the Paris-based group said.

Anything you need to know by way of background on the NCRI? Yup, sure is. Read it or be lost. Even if they’re exaggerating, though, EU computer models of the enrichment facility at Natanz show that if Iran’s figured out how to operate its centrifuges at peak efficiency — a big if, but technological breakthroughs in this area aren’t beyond their reach — they could have bomb material by … the end of the year. Operating at 25% efficiency? Next year. When, at least, we’ll have the audacity of hope to dazzle them with. From the Spiegel article:

There are a number of indications that Iran isn’t just interested in civilian nuclear technology. Just on Wednesday, an exiled Iranian opposition group published satellite images it claims shows an Iranian atomic bomb-making facility. In January, physicist Richard Garwin, who is also a US government adviser, calculated that the Natanz facility — even were it to reach its maximum capacity of 54,000 centrifuges — could not produce enough low-enriched uranium for a nuclear power facility. But, he said, the 3,000 centrifuges currently in operation could be sufficient to produce enough highly enriched uranium for a weapon.

The Nazi rhetoric has been stepped up recently after the hit on Mughniyeh, leading some to speculate that something big’s coming. What?