Bride of Messiah: Every woman I know is struggling to keep her head above water

Really? I know several who are doing pretty well. Who’d have guessed that the circles I move in are more comfortable than a would-be First Lady’s?

I have to say that my life now is not really that much different from many of yours. I wake up every morning wondering how on earth I am going to pull off that next minor miracle to get through the day. I know that everybody in this room is going through this. That is the dilemma women face today. Every woman that I know, regardless of race, education, income, background, political affiliation, is struggling to keep her head above water.

We need to stop scrutinizing her speeches so closely. It’s obvious by now that she doesn’t particularly care what she says so long as the basic message is conveyed. It’s the same watery leftist pap peddled by the Godhead himself; he simply pays closer attention to the actual verbiage than she does. Here’s every Michelle Obama speech from now until November in three sentences: Everything in America is wrong. Only Barack can fix it. Vote and be healed. The rest of it, all the absurd “dystopian populist” excesses beyond that, as Geraghty puts it: Just words.

Exit question: How does Oprah manage on a billion dollars a year?