Toledo city council humiliates mayor, votes unanimously to apologize to Marines; Update: Mayor comments

Via Weasel Zippers, they realized the only thing “scarier” than Marines is a media firestorm and potential economic boycott. Compare and contrast this forthright correction with the wormy non-apology from the bien pensants in Berkeley. Not only did the mayor get de-pantsed by his own legislature but the resolution now goes to his desk, where he’ll have to decide whether to swallow his shame and sign it or double down and piss off the remainder of the country.

Toledo City Council yesterday attempted to quell the controversy surrounding Mayor Carty Finkbeiner’s order to cancel a Marine Corps warfare training exercise downtown with a unanimous vote of apology.

Without discussion, the 12-member council approved a resolution apologizing to Company A, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., for the mayor’s action Friday afternoon…

The majority of those who spoke at yesterday’s hearing opposed the mayor’s order last week.

“The only thing he could do is spare us more embarrassment and resign,” said Chris Tiefel, of North Toledo.

Is it too much to hope that neighboring jurisdictions will step up and invite the Corps to train there, to compound the mayoral comeuppance? My friends, it is not.

Update: Here’s the mayor’s statement from a few days ago. He says this was nothing more than a logistical objection. The council obviously disagrees.

Statement from Mayor Carty Finkbeiner -Regarding U.S. Marine Corps.
February 10, 2008

Frank Szollosi can play politics with anything. It is what he does best.

Today, I spoke with Major Jeff Brooks of the United States Marine Corps. I conveyed my sincere regret for the failure to communicate within the administration and any inconvenience that caused the U.S. Marine Corps.

I also conveyed, as my staff did on Friday, that we would make available abandoned buildings for Marine training outside of the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT (CBD).

I concluded by reviewing my belief that the CBD, particularly on a weekday afternoon, was not available for military staging operations. 10,000 – 14,000 men and women would have been departing their offices in downtown Toledo on Friday afternoon with a major military training action unfolding – including the use of weapons being discharged with blanks.

My interest is not only in supporting the U.S. military wherever and whenever such support is sought, but also protecting the health, peace, and tranquility of Toledoans in every way possible.

For those who disagree with my priorities in terms of safeguarding Toledoans, we may disagree, but you have my respect.