Video: The obligatory "Maher wishes death on Rush Limbaugh" clip

Neither P.J. O’Rourke nor Jonah Goldberg, sitting right in front of him, could rouse themselves to object, nor could his halfwit audience rally for the obligatory round of affirmational laughter. Past a certain point, and we’re long since past that point, this sort of lazy venom becomes so routine and enervating that the outrage decays into a queasy resignation, like having to take medicine every few hours that tastes awful. Gotta flag it, though, because eventually some crank on our side will say something nutty and the left will pretend to be offended even though, per the reaction to incidents like this, they’re really not, and we’ll play a new round of the tu quoque game. Which makes the whole thing that much queasier.

Gutfeld, at least, is still keeping up the beat. Click the image to watch.