Revolt: Senior Anglicans want useful idiot out over shari'a remarks?

As Hitchens once observed in a different context, he’s an odd choice for a leadership position. One would think a basic prerequisite for heading a state church should be a certain amount of, shall we say, caution about multiculturalism. Not this guy; such is his love for “accommodation” that he has people crawling out of the woodwork in the Labour Party to call him a tool.

And not just there, if certain anonymous but well placed sources are to be believed.

In an astonishing attack, one senior Church of England clergyman demanded Dr Rowan Williams step down immediately and branded him “gullible”.

The figure, identified only as a long-standing member of the Church’s governing body the General Synod, told The Times that many people had now lost confidence in the Archbishop.

“I am just so shocked, and cannot believe a man of his intelligence could be so gullible,” he said.

“I can only assume that all the Muslims he meets are senior leaders of the community who tell him what a wonderful book the Koran is.

“There have been a lot of calls today for him to resign. I don’t suppose he will take any notice, but yes, he should resign.”

A spokesman for Gordon Brown had to put out a statement yesterday reminding the public that the prime minister still believes British law should apply in Britain. Yes, really.

Exit question: Isn’t there some classically liberal western institution shari’a fans can coopt as a workaround to advance their agenda? Exit answer: There always is.