Open thread: McCain's moment of truth; Update: CPAC audience stuffed with McCain supporters?

Coburn’s giving him a blowout right-wing intro. He’s on imminently. Stand by.

Update: Mostly cheers as he walks out.

Update: Boos at 3:34 as illegal immigration is mentioned, followed by cheers from his supporters to drown them out.

Update: Lots of cheers as it ends. Either he won them over or the CPAC organizers made sure to have lots of Maverick supporters in the crowd to prevent any golden moments for the Democrats.

Update: Here’s the text. Red meat galore.

Update: MKH and Geraghty liked it, Hugh Hewitt and Geraghty’s readers loved it.

Update: See my earlier update about crowd theories. We may have our answer:

We’re told from a reliable source on the ground at CPAC: “They stuffed the main room with McCain supporters. But the overflow room booed him heartily, cheered when Romney was mentioned, booed when McCain said he hopes we forgive his absence from CPAC in the past.”

Update: Even McCain-hater Tammy Bruce finds herself impressed.