Audio: Randi Rhodes jokes about Mittheads going on a killing spree

Yeah, I don’t know. Teasing her eight crackpot listeners with Bush assassination fantasies is a genuine outrage, since you worry about them getting ideas. But is it really some heart-stopping shock that a woman who thinks Blackwater started the California wildfires would joke about conservatives being homicidal? And it is, very clearly, a joke — not in the HuffPo ass-covering “satire” way, either, but a bona fide spoonful of thin, left-wing comedy gruel. Taste it and let your tummy know the pleasures of Big Liberal Funny.

I hate the Think Progress/Media Matters fake-outrage game in which partisan points are scored by objecting to humor you’d politely let slide if it came from your own team, so for once I’m going to wave Rhodes on through. Besides, if Hillary comes back to defeat liberal Jesus and his disciples throw a fit and stay home, I want the full range of Jonestown/cult analogies at my disposal. Always thinking ahead, baby.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on June 02, 2023