Open thread: California; Update: McCain wins Missouri; Update: Fox News calls California for McCain and Hillary; Update: Team Mitt plans "frank discussions" tomorrow

Results here. Whatever happens will steer the narrative tomorrow so we might as well open a thread. This is now must-win for Mitt; if McCain runs away with it, Romney’s got nothing meaningful to show for Super Tuesday. Here’s something fun to do while we wait: Scroll slowly down this list and compare the vote totals for the Democrats in each state to the totals for the GOP. Ask yourself how that bodes for fundraising during the general campaign.

Hillary’s had a reasonably good night thus far. But not good enough.

Update: With 87% reporting in Missouri, Huckabee leads McCain by 47 votes.

Update: Some sunshine for our special lady?

Update: Har. Romney’s camp says McCain underperformed.

Update: With 96% reporting in Missouri, Maverick’s pulled ahead to a 7,000-vote lead. Huckabee wanted/needed this not only for the delegates but to prove that his appeal isn’t limited to the south. The margin’s close enough that he sort of proved that anyway, although the winner-take-all element makes that a cold comfort.

Mitt? Third place, 23,000 votes off the pace.

Update: And now Fox calls Missouri for Maverick.

Update: Juan Williams says Obama leads Hillary among white men in California by 27 points, but Hillary leads big among Latinos.

Update: Have at it — the Republican and Democratic exit polls. The gender breakdowns favor Maverick and Hillary.

Update: And no sooner do I post that than Fox calls it for both of them. Big win for Mac, bigger win for the Glacier. Say goodnight, Mitt.

Update: Rove’s back-of-the-envelope estimate is that Mitt might finish third in total delegates for the night. McCain’s total is greater than Romney’s and Huckabee’s combined. Another interesting point from Rove: Obama won more states, but most of them were red states the Dems won’t carry in the general.

Update: The Messiah ekes out a 49-48 win in Missouri. As for Cali, say it with me, my friends. Never. Trust. Zogby.


Update: See-Dub helps Hewitt with the spin.

Update: Rumbles.

MSNBC’s John Yang says a Romney senior campaign official says “tomorrow will be a day of frank discussions on the campaign.”

Not quite a revelation, but the only news they have. A long day of meetings was already on the schedule long before the California news.

Yang says visit to Kansas on Friday is likely to be nixed.

Update: Si se puede!

Update: Bill Kristol thinks Mitt will pull out, possibly at CPAC(!).

Update: First in Missouri, third among Missouri conservatives.

Update: Geraghty tries to game out a Romney comeback. Big delegate lead for McCain + few WTA states left + the unlikelihood of Mitt blowing out Maverick in the proportional states + Huckabee still around to suck away conservative votes = The Reaper.