Huckabee wins West Virginia caucus -- despite surprisingly strong showing by Mitt? Update: Or weak showing? Update: Team Mitt whines about "backroom deal"

I can’t find WV polls to gauge, but Martha MacCallum claims Romney’s 41-33 win during the first round of balloting was a surprise. Huckabee won the caucus when McCain’s supporters were apparently told to throw their support to him and keep the state out of Mitt’s hands.

Bellwether of Mitt-mentum? Let me look around.

Update: If it’s a surprise, it sounds like a bad one. McCain didn’t show up, for one thing. Plus:

Huckabee bested Mitt Romney, who entered the Mountain State event with the largest bloc of pledged convention-goers. Both men and Ron Paul made in-person appeals to the more than 1,100 convention delegates attending Tuesday’s convention.

But the former Arkansas governor beat his Massachusetts counterpart after delegates for John McCain defected to his side.

Update: Mary K says she thought the Romney camp was counting on this one.

Update: Politico’s hearing what MK is hearing. Romney evidently thought he had this banked.

Update: It’s called strategic voting, Mitt. Get over it.

Update: Karl says the Romney spin is obligatory to remind voters of Huckabee’s stalking horse posture.