Breaking: Silky dropping out

Just across on Fox. Now we get to find out for sure if his supporters are Obama voters or Hillary voters in disguise. Stand by.

Update: What happened to the “kingmaker at the convention” strategy? Unless he’s flat out of cash, which I doubt, there’s no reason for him to get out before Super Tuesday unless he’s made a deal with Obama (as Bob Novak speculated). Obama’s got a tough haul next week but an Edwards endorsement, especially on the heels of Teddy’s, keeps the feeling going that there’s a tidal wave towards him within the party.

Bill Kristol’s been teasing all week about a forthcoming Al Gore endorsement too, although why a conservative would have the inside scoop on that is beyond me. I think he’s just trying to make trouble. But if it does happen, that tidal wave is a full tsunami.

Update: The AP is in love. Check out that lede.

Update: “It just became clear it wasn’t going to happen.” Yeah, that’s been clear since New Hampshire. Again, what about King Silky, ruler of the other of the two Americas, tossing his delegates to Obama or Hillary at the convention? Did he look at the polls in the Super Tuesday states and decide he woudn’t be able to scrape together enough to matter? The race is so close between the other two that’s hard to believe.

Update: Kaus hasn’t weighed in yet but I’ve got a hunch per his 2:01 a.m. item what his theory’s going to be.

Update: For what it’s worth, the AP story says he won’t endorse immediately, which I take to mean before Super Tuesday. So maybe this is a modified version of the kingmaker strategy where he hangs around to see what happens next week and then, if Obama surprises and is still in contention, throws his endorsement to him afterwards to help swing the post-Tuesday primaries. I don’t know, I don’t get it.

Update: The new swing vote — white liberal men, all hopefully as silky as the Pony himself.

So where does Edwards’ support go? In South Carolina, Edwards won white men. Could this become the new swing voting group? Obama does well with white men in general election match-ups, but has seen his support drop among these folks in the primary. Now, if Obama has any shot at beating Clinton, he’s going to have to win this key voting bloc. It’s rare white guys are considered a swing vote, but in a Clinton vs. Obama race, it appears they will. Obama needs them more than Clinton.