Open thread: State of the Union, lame duck edition! Video: Bush on defeating Al Qaeda in Iraq

9 p.m. ET on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc etc. Dispense with the laundry list, Dubya, and pull out the stops on one last appeal for resolve in Iraq. That’s the only way to redeem what’s otherwise bound to be a forgettable speech. It’s his last big audience with the country and it’d give the good people at Al Jazeera, who are front and center tonight, something to talk about afterwards. Why waste the opportunity?

We’ll get some of that, I’m sure, and if there’s a clipworthy moment it’ll probably come in that context, but be prepared for a long hard slog on the way. While we wait, enjoy this. Click the image to watch.


Update: Here’s the money bit. Wait for the “oorah!” at the end.