Florida governor endorses ... McCain; Update: Video added; Update: Did Crist promise to support Giuliani?

The decisive blow? Carl Cameron was just on Fox claiming this is a rebuke to Giuliani, who’s lobbied hard for Crist’s endorsement for months. But check this out from InTrade, via ace tipster Patrick Ishmael:


Update: It’s for real.

Link: sevenload.com

Crist is supposedly popular across the board in Florida.

Update: The boss reminds us that he’s an amnesty supporter.

Update: Crushing.

Crist did not appear at the dinner — he changed his plans several days ago, sources said — but his presence was certainly felt. Giuliani aides were visibly upset Saturday at the news that the popular Florida governor would be backing McCain.

Giuliani campaign sources said Crist pledged his endorsement to Giuliani in the early fall, when McCain’s campaign appeared dead and Giuliani was leading the state by double digits. But at the time, McCain supporters leaned on Crist to hold back and wait until after the New Hampshire primary. McCain had campaigned for Crist when he was seeking the Republican nomination for governor, and had hoped Crist would return the favor.