Silky tells fundraisers: McCain's crazy

Not crazy in a “I can’t believe he wants to win in Iraq” way, either. Crazy crazy. This is an old, old smear, of course, spun off of his famous temper and crude assumptions about what his treatment by the VC must have done to him psychologically. Silky needs money, though, and nothing raises dough like the prospect of a lunatic Republican. Call it … fear-mongering.

A reader who attended the event—held in the Fifth Avenue home of Edwards contributor Joseph Bondi—emailed me last night with this report of Edwards’ remarks:

He did mention that he thought McCain was the likely Republican nominee and that McCain was “crazy”—unfit to have his “finger on the button.”

He said that Hillary and Obama have true dislike for each other and that after the most recent debate Hillary mentioned to John in passing that there’s more about Obama and that “slum landlord” [Rezko] that has yet to be disclosed to the public.

Follow the link to see how pathetically Team Silky is trying to spin his McCain remarks. It’s all just hearsay at the moment since the Observer can’t get a second source to go on record, but note well the Rezko detail. Hillary and Edwards did meet privately after the debate. The question is, given how a rumor about her digging up dirt on Obama hurts them both and helps Edwards, how much can you trust his account of it?

Also attending the “McCain’s crazy” fundraiser: Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and the very ubiquitous Mr. Kevin Bacon. Exit question via the boss: Are there any other minority white men in America or is Silky pretty much it?