Time wonders: Isn't Mitt's reference to "Who Let The Dogs Out" a "macaca moment"?

Pity poor Ana, who’s tried before to get a scandal going about Romney but is stuck with a subject who won’t even swear. She tried pushing that story over the summer about the Romney family putting their dog in a portable kennel and strapping it to the roof of their car, but it expired quietly once the mandatory jokes about the highway stop scene in “National Lampoon’s Vacation” had all been made. So she’s trying again. Only the oldest of old-school HA readers will remember this post but the three requirements are all met here: We’ve got a conservative making an assumption about an aspect of minority culture, i.e. that a group of black teens (or any teens, really) might recognize a reference to a famous pop song by black artists. Nothing pernicious or derogatory about it but, you know, close enough.