Fred update: Will not endorse, not interested in VP; Update: D'Amato dumps Fred for McCain?

Geraghty’s got it. He’s down to single digits in Florida, he’s not campaigning and won’t be at the debate, and his website isn’t running any big front-page fundraising pitches despite having barely had enough money to air one last commercial in South Carolina. As my ol’ granddaddy used to say, the storm ain’t here yet but you can tell which way the wind’s blowing. Which doesn’t really make sense, but it sounds good and that’s what matters.

If he drops out, doubtless he’ll be on Fox News every week making the case for conservatism and how the frontrunners fail to advance it. A Hillary-McCain match-up would be a cottage industry for him, assuming he’s willing to take off the gloves against Maverick. Which, given his alleged refusal to endorse, he may be. Like Geraghty says, if you can’t be Reagan then be Goldwater and prepare the field for Reagans yet to come.

Here’s a little candy for the ‘Heads as we wait for the major announcement that’s allegedly coming today. At this desperate hour not even invocations of Reagan will do; for this, we go right to the top.

Update: Senator Pothole heads for the lifeboats.

Update: Patrick Ishmael reminds us that D’Amato’s been here before.