Pro-Huck push poll: McCain supports experiments on unborn children

Nothing to do with the Huckabee campaign, of course. Just those madcap Huck supporters at, framing McCain’s support of stem-cell research as tantamount to Nazi-esque vivisections of screaming infants on operating room tables. Can’t wait for the debate in the comments.

Fred’s hammering Huck for the push polls, but to what effect? Two new surveys show him stuck in fourth — Rasmussen, where he’s two points behind Romney for third, and MSNBC, where he’s also two points behind — with less than half the vote total of the frontrunner, McCain, although the fact that Mitt’s evidently preparing to skip SC means there could be a late bleed from him to Thompson. Exit question: Assuming he can’t win the state, what margin would he need as the second-place finisher to limp on to Florida? I don’t think he can win there without a win in SC but his staffers may disagree, so it’s worth thinking about. 3%? 5%?