Source: McCain camp claims Romney promised he wouldn't preempt Mac's concession speech -- and then did; Update: Video added -- Huck to Mac to Mitt

Totally bush league if true, Mark Steyn’s half-hearted attempt at spin notwithstanding.

Is Barnett sure that the Mitt Romney he knows isn’t just the Mitt Romney he thinks he knows?

Update: It’s even more bush league, needless to say, if McCain’s camp is making this up to douse the flames of Romney’s victory buzz. But how would they arrange that? The concessions go first; they couldn’t preempt Mitt, only vice versa.

Update: I guess if they’re lying wholesale about there having been any agreement, that’d do it.

Update (Bryan): Here’s the moment in question.


Update (Bryan): But hold the phone. McCain pre-empted Huckabee and then got pre-empted by Romney. Here’s the proof.

Since the latter two pre-empted the first, this looks more to me like fouled up timing than a plot. Though there is a good case to be made for the latter.