Canada's Star Chamber quizzes Ezra Levant over the Mohammed cartoons

The case is old but the outrage is evergreen, especially now that Mark Steyn’s facing his own thoughtcrime hearing before a similar tribunal. The Western Standard, with Levant at the helm, published the cartoons a year and a half ago; his courage was rewarded with a complaint by a radical imam seeking to coopt the west’s civil-rights machinery to silence speech critical of Islam — an increasingly familiar storyline, needless to say. Today was the hearing, which Levant celebrated by … well, just look. I recommend clicking here, starting halfway down the page with that same post, and then working your way up. He’s posted video of the proceedings, too — against the wishes of the commission, which is at least true to the spirit of the process — but if you can’t spare the time, at least read his opening statement.

This clip’s my favorite. How clean, quiet, and banal the setting is as the government politely asks a member of the press to explain his intentions. Surreal, although CJ’s adjective is better.