Huckabee strikes back: Fred did nothing in eight years in the Senate; Update: Huck camp to phone every evangelical pastor in Michigan for GOTV

Not true. He was quite the wingman for McCain on campaign finance reform, wasn’t he?

This attack, oddly enough, parallels Fred’s insofar as it too works to Maverick’s advantage. Even the most idgit-y of idgit voters knows McCain’s name, knows he has loads of Senate experience, and knows that he’s accomplished a lot there. What they might not know, especially given his surge vogue of late, are the specifics of those “accomplishments” — pushing amnesty, voting against the Bush tax cuts, CFR, etc etc etc. And since Fred’s unwilling to remind them, it may come down to a simple question of who’s more likely between the two of them to get “results,” irrespective of what those results might be.

I tacked on a bit of unrelated red meat at the end, devoured by Huck with appropriate gusto.

Update: Via Ace, here’s what the “Christian leader” message means on the ground.

[P]ro-Huckabee organizers say they are focusing their entire effort on turning out evangelical church goers. They plan to call every evangelical pastor in the state over the next few days. Those ministers can’t endorse any candidate from the pulpit — but they can tell their parishioners that “it’s their Christian duty,” to turn out on primary day, said Glenn. “And we know who they’ll be voting for.”

To help drive that message home, thousands of volunteers will be dropping leaflets and waving signs in church parking lots across Michigan this Sunday. Glenn says there will also be several news conferences across the state through the January 15 vote featuring groups of pastors announcing their personal support for Huckabee, an organized wave of callers into Michigan’s Christian radio stations, and phone trees targeting the state’s largest churches from within.