Huge Democratic turnout in New Hampshire = Mitt upset in the making?

Confederate Yankee beat me to it. Maverick needs independents to win. Does he have them? Maybe not:


Of course, if they do all break for Obama and McCain still wins, the loss is that much more devastating for Romney, proving that he can’t even beat Mac head to head on a vote among the base.

I’m wondering now just how bad it might get for Hillary. What if she loses by 20 points? Who’ll be left tomorrow who believes in her, besides Billy Jeff? And you get the sense that even he’d be supporting Obama if he wasn’t, you know, obliged.

Exit question for the Fredheads, with whom my love/hate relationship continues: Which noted media apologist, blind to the conspiracy to torpedo Fred, said this?

If and when the Fred campaign finally calls it quits, there will be no one to blame but the candidate and his top advisers who blew it with spurned diehards ready and willing–but unable–to help.