Geraghty: Fred ready to go "all in" in South Carolina? Update: Staff taking pay cuts

Another reason for the ‘Heads to be pulling hard for St. John tonight:

Thompson and the people around him know that South Carolina is a must-win. Mitt Romney may look very damaged by the time South Carolina votes, however, and Team Fred thinks they’re a likely first choice for Romney fans losing faith in their man. (Would Mitt fans go to “Don’t Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers” Huckabee or “You are the candidate of change” McCain?)

Also, expect Thompson to spend an enormous amount of time laying out all the ways that Huckabee is not an across-the-board conservative. Thompson’s people believe the ball is bouncing his way, as he’ll soon be able to make the case he’s the only remaining candidate who can rally all wings of the Republican coalition.

The across-the-board conservative versus Maverick versus Huckabee. Advantage: Huckabee.

Meanwhile, black voters appear to be shifting towards Obama, guaranteeing another crushing Hillary defeat two weeks from now.

Update: Fred trims the sails.

Campaign spokesman Darrel Ng declined to say how much salaries will be reduced, but said the campaign has raised a half million dollars since the Iowa caucuses, and will be gearing up for airtime on local television stations in South Carolina starting Thursday.

“This campaign is going to be a South Carolina campaign,” Campaign Manager Bill Lacy said in a written statement.