Fred gets ornery with the media: "I owe you nothing" Update: Clips added

A little whiny for my tastes in the first clip, especially the dubious claim that last week’s dropout rumor cost him two or three points in Iowa, but it’s still top quality Fredporn for the ‘Heads to savor. Enjoy!

Fred’s supporters like to say he’s the only true conservative in the race, but it’s more than that. He’s the only candidate on our side who’s not, essentially, a bulls**t artist. Some would say Huck falls into that category too, but he doesn’t really. He’s simply a bulls**t artist who’s exceptionally good at shoveling his bulls**t. Hence the many comparisons between him and the other man from Hope.

You’ve got the ‘Busters clip up top and then a somewhat testy exchange between Fred and Bill Hemmer from FNC this morning below that. The more horserace questions they ask, the ornerier(?) he gets. Click the images to watch.



Update (bp): Here’s the “I owe you nothing” clip.

Update (bp): And here’s Fred on Fox sparring with Bill Hemmer.