Video: McCain goofs on Mitt about "change"; Video: Huck goofs on Mitt's flip-flopping

I seem to be the only one who thought it was funny.

Well, besides Fred.

Update: Another golden moment. I’m seeing a bunch of people around the ‘sphere say Romney won the debate — although not Marc Ambinder, who was bowled over by Fred — but what they’re missing is that the wonkish answers disappear into the ether in people’s minds, and not because of the media’s fondness for soundbites either. The policy distinctions between the candidates are relatively fine; it’s hard enough to keep track of them following this crap from day to day, let alone trying to do it as an average voter who pays attention sporadically throughout the campaign. This is the sort of thing they take away, and unfortunately Mitt’s not very good at it. Huck is, and has been throughout the debates. See the results in Iowa for more on that.

In the final analysis, it was indeed a Romney pile-on for the GOP tonight. The four guys with no money need him out of the race ASAP to level the playing ground. Tuesday will tell.