The obligatory "O'Reilly gets froggy with Obama's staff" post; Video: O'Reilly phones into Fox News from New Hampshire

I don’t have any comment on it, really. I just wanted an excuse to link the photos.

Early indications are that it’s O’Reilly’s fault. Exit question: What on earth could have prompted it? Did someone in the vicinity threaten to spit on one of Bill’s friends or something?

No, it can’t be that.

Update: Commenter Yoshi names the big winner here. This should provide enough material for the next, oh, 20 or so episodes of “Countdown.”

Update: Here’s O’R on FNC at around 3 p.m., confirming that pleasantries were exchanged and physical efforts were made to move the Obama staffer out of the way. Takeaway: “No one on this earth is going to block a shot on The O’Reilly Factor.” Slate’s John Dickerson was there and claims to have seen the whole thing go down — when he wasn’t busy shouting at O’Reilly to “grow up”:

“You’re blocking our shot,” yelled O’Reilly.

“oh am I?” asked the Obama staffer not entirely sincerely and not moving.

This is not a new trick. When staffers block you because you’re being too aggressive, the standard thing to do is give them a little business and then move to another spot. O’Reilly didn’t do this. He shoved the Obama aide. There was an exchange and a little more shoving. I didn’t fully capture because as I looked at O’Reilly in his black leather Fox jacket which resembled the kind we wore during football season in high school I swore I could hear him challenge the staffer to a rumble out by the drive in.

“That’s really low class pal,” said O’Reilly.

Supposedly the brief exchange between Bill and Obama himself had to do with coming on the show.