Video: "It's pretty clear we're going to have a ticket to the next dance"

A little early morning porn for the Fredheads. As our resident Fred-hater, csdeven, said last night, how’s he going to negotiate the little matter of the Michigan primary on the 15th? His strategy presumably is to go directly to South Carolina, but whoever comes out the winner in Michigan is going to have serious momentum down there on the 19th — unless, that is, it’s Mitt. If he drops New Hampshire to McCain, as is now expected, and then stops the bleeding in his old home state, that would give all three leaders one primary apiece heading into SC and no clear frontrunner among them. An optimal situation for Fred, so the ‘Heads may now find themselves momentarily in the strange position of rooting for Maverick and then Mitt.

“We’ll have to look at our finance numbers,” he told the crowd last night re: his sojourn to the south. Better donate now if you haven’t yet.

Update: Does he say “finance” numbers or “final” numbers?