Hmmm: Huck's former research director hints at Romney scandal set to break soon; Update: Research director responds; Update: Push polling?

Riehl makes the same connection I did — to those mysterious rumors of a major candidate being “Swift-Boated” at a presser on Monday, the day before New Hampshire. Rick Moran seized on that phrase yesterday and concluded the target must be the veteran, i.e. McCain. Maybe not.

The e-mails about the presser came for a spokesman from an outfit calling itself … “Revelation Press.” Here’s the money part, in case anyone wants to do any sleuthing:

One candidate is about to be challenged – with hard and cold facts, presented cogently by an author, former TV business news editor, decorated military hero and college political science instructor who shares this candidate’s party affiliation – and who has known the candidate personally since their college days.

C’mon — are there really any skeletons in Mitt Romney’s closet? What, did he once have a sip of beer or something? If it really was that major, the campaign would have divulged it themselves long ago and spun it away before the primaries. Also, why wait until the day before New Hampshire to drop it? Why not do it yesterday and take him out before Iowa?

Here’s the new ad, by the way. The people seem … so natural.

Update: Hold the phone. PoliGazette spoke to Joe Carter, the former research director, and was told that the Romney scandal he has in mind is unrelated to the Monday press conference. Which means two scandals, potentially. And Huck’s team knows about both.

Update: Patrick Ishmael notes that Denny Weddle and Associates, the sponsor of Monday’s Revelation Press presser, has worked with military types before. Maybe Moran was right about it being McCain?

Update: Joe Carter e-mails this along:

Let me add a few points of clarification:

1. I don’t know anything about Monday press conference other than the PR email I got on it. I have no idea whether it is about Romney or some other candidate.

2. None of what I know was acquired through my connections to the campaign. The stuff I found out (whether its true or not) came through my sources as a blogger.

3. I don’t know if the Huckabee campaign knows about this stuff or not (though, I doubt they do).

Update: John Hawkins is hearing from a source that the Monday scandal may have to do with those anti-Mormon push polls.

Update (Bryan): Maybe I’m alone on this, but to drop this hint of a scandal on the day before the Iowa caucuses as Carter has, strikes me as nasty. We know he’s a Huckabee supporter, and we know he despises Romney, but because he hasn’t shown his cards on this “scandal” we have no way of knowing whether he really has something or is just blowing smoke.

I don’t like it.

Update (Bryan): Joe emailed to say that he agrees with my update above, and will apologize for passing along a rumor without providing any details. I’ll link to his apology once it’s up. I take him at his word, which has always been good in the past.

Update: Here’s Joe’s apology.