Fox News, CNN call it for Huckabee; Update: Fred third with 40% reporting; Update: Evangelicals were a majority of GOP caucusgoers

With only 15 percent reporting thus far, too. Looks like those prayers were answered.

Update: NBC’s also called it. The question now is how bad it’ll be for Romney and where he finishes vis-a-vis McCain. If it’s a blowout for Huck, he’s obviously in trouble.

Update: “You know, this is uh, let’s see, it’s the first inning in a 50-inning ball game. So you know you want to get on base in the first inning, but we’re planning on doing well.”

Update: Carl Cameron by way of Jonah Goldberg says evangelical turnout was twice what it was for Bush in 2000.

Update: CNN’s got Fred neck and neck with McCain, Giuliani, and Paul, but holding steady at third with 13%.

Update: Astounding.

Evangelicals constituted the majority of Republican caucus goers (60 percent), and our entrance polling shows Huckabee won 45 percent of that group. Mitt Romney, who has heavily courted social conservatives only drew 19 percent of those voters.

Huckabee also overwhelmingly won the female vote, picking up close to 45 percent of women, to only 23 percent for Romney.

Update: With 65% reporting, Fred’s actually picked up a point and is steady in third place with 14%. McCain’s right behind him, then Paul at 10%.

Jazz Shaw May 16, 2022 12:41 PM ET